Moving for Better Balance

Date & Time
Feb 8 - Mar 29

Mark your calendar and join us on:
Thurs. Feb 8, at 1:30 for
Moving for Better Balance
Fellowship Hall

Take part in this 8 week program and improve balance, coordination and concentration. Classes utilize movements from specifically adapted Tai Chi forms adapted from an evidence-based fall prevention program developed by the Oregon Research Institute and the CDC.

The program has been shown to decrease falls, the risk of falling and the fear of falling …and it is fun! The forms emphasize weight shifting, postural alignment and coordinated movement and improve strength, balance and physical functioning.

Classes may be done seated, chair assisted and independently – so no excuses! The program consists of warm up exercises, 8-form routine, integrated movements and cool down. The program will run from Feb 8 – March 29 and will be led by Deb Stephens, Faith Community Nurse – Certified Instructor. For questions or more information, contact Deb at 401-529-0713 or [email protected]