New Mission Partners

Becoming an official SCC Mission Partner requires:

  1. A strong relationship with an SCC member
  2. Filling out the SCC Partnership application
  3. Participating in a Q&A time at a Missions Team meeting
  4. Missions Team representative conducting a preliminary trip/visit (funded by the Missions Ministry)
  5. Official recommendation from Missions Team to Missions Committee for partnership
  6. Missions Committee approval of the partnership

Ending Mission Partnerships

There may be times in which the partnership needs to be terminated.* If so, this would be done over an appropriate length of time.
Some reasons include:

  • financial misuse (fraud, extortion, etc.)
  • blatant disregard for any of the SCC Distinctives
  • evidence of emotional or physical abuse to others
  • immoral, unethical, or illegal activities
  • addiction problems
  • lack of spiritual fruit
  • change in direction in the ministry against the SCC vision or Distinctives

* obviously some situations would be subject to intervention with the end goal of restoration

Furlough for Missionaries

While SCC Missionaries are on furlough in the U.S., the Missions Ministry will assist in procuring up to two weeks housing and vehicle usage. It is desired that during that time Missionaries will meet with the Missions Pastor and the Missions Team.