Below are the areas that need to be covered by the Mission Trip Leader:

  1. Pray with the Missions Pastor regarding leading the trip.
  2. Contact the host ministry to confirm/determine dates and focus of the trip (please include physical demands,
    environment, terrain, etc.).
  3. Put together an estimated total cost of the trip by researching the following costs:
    • airfare
    • baggage fees
    • in-country travel
    • lodging
    • food
    • project expenses
    • love offering(s)
  4. Recruit an appropriate number of people to be a part of the trip (generally five or more).
  5. Schedule at least three meetings with the team prior to the trip for prayer and to establish the objective, expectations and responsibilities of the trip.
  6. Create a brief description of the trip and its objectives for current SCC publications.
  7. Help facilitate the collection of all the funding from each participant for the trip. All funds will be processed through SCC and the expenses will be paid by SCC.
  8. After returning report to the Missions Team regarding the events, accomplishments and observation of participants of the trip or project.

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