Night to Shine 2020

Welcome to Night to Shine, February 7, 2020 at 6 PM
Sanibel Community Church, Sanibel, FL


Q. When can I register as a guest, caregiver, or volunteer?
A. Registration will be open on this page on October 7, 2019. Look for and click on the appropriate button on the left to register as a guest or volunteer.

Q: Can I bring my own Prom date?
A.Everyone will be assigned a Buddy. If you want to be a Buddy please sign up as a volunteer.

Q. Will formal wear be available for Prom guests?
A. There will be two opportunities provided for choosing and fitting formal wear.

Q. Do I still have to attend a volunteer orientation even if I attended a session last year?
A.. Yes All volunteers need to updated on any procedure changes and be set up with the leader of their job category
each year.

Q. Do I have to submit my application for a background check if I completed the check last year?
A.. No If you completed the background check and were cleared last year at the Sanibel Community Church site you
need not complete an additional application.
You MUST submit an application if you are a new adult volunteer.

Q. Do I need to submit a new Parental Permission slip if I am a minor and my parent/guardian signed off last year?
A.. Yes A new permission slip must be submitted each year for all volunteers under the age of 18 even if your
parent/guardian will be on site for the NTS event.

Q. Will volunteers automatically be assigned to the same job they held last year?
A.. No Volunteers need to sign up for their preferred job(s) during the application process each year. Some volunteers
may choose to change their task from year to year. Keep in mind that there is always a need for additional “Buddies”.

Family Guests:
Q . How many quests may I bring to the respite room?
A. Recommended group size is two or three.

Q What if we have special dietary needs?
A. Please indicate this need when you register so your dietary needs can be accommodated.

Q Last year there was a Sanibel Causeway toll. Will it still be in place in 2020?
A. The Causeway toll is set by local government and will continue at $6.00 in 2020.

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