PRAYER_3542CNPSanibel Community Church has a powerful Prayer Chain of 90+ Prayer Warriors who lift up to our LORD the physical, emotional, spiritual concerns you have for loved ones and friends.  God encourages his people to call unto him and when we do we see his hand of mercy in response to requests for prayer.

Your prayer requests are forwarded by email to the prayer chain.  The prayer chain internet address is If you do not have internet access or if you have an urgent request please contact one of us by phone at 239-472-2684. All prayer requests will be kept confidential.

Guidelines for the SCC Prayer Chain

Before submitting a request, PLEASE read the guidelines below and adhere to them as you write your request. The Pastor of Caring Ministries may edit requests, when appropriate, to ensure that they align with the request guidelines. Thanks!

Posting a Request:

  1. Please make your request brief and clear.
  2. It is the responsibility of the person writing the request to obtain permission to share such details as:
    • Names and locations of people and their relatives
    • Names of organizations (churches, hospitals, treatment centers, etc.)
    • Information that might shed a negative light on people or organizations
    • Details of medical diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment
    • Details of any person’s mental, emotional, or spiritual state
  3. If you post a request, please send updates and praise reports for answered prayers. Our prayer intercessors thrive on hearing of God’s grace and faithfulness, so help keep them encouraged.
  4. Requests are received and sent out on Sunday through Thursday of each week.
  5. Do not post anything on the Prayer Chain that is not a legitimate prayer request.
  6. To post a request, use the following link: or call our church office at 239-472-2684.

Example of an appropriate prayer request:

Let’s say that your mother, who lives in Fort Myers, Florida, is in Health Park Hospital, Rm. 303, for surgery this Friday to remove her gallbladder, and her sister, Helen, from Pennsylvania, will be here to care for her as she recovers at home…

Your request might be something like: “Please pray for my mother as she undergoes surgery. Thanks, Susan G.” God knows all the details, and our intercessors don’t need the extra details to pray effectively.

Reading and Praying for Requests:

  1. To receive requests by email, please send you name and address to or call church at 239-472-2684.
  2. When you read a request, pray immediately as some requests are critical and time-sensitive.
  3. Continue praying until you feel a release or until an answer to prayers is posted.
  4. PLEASE never discuss the prayer requests with anyone, even if you think it would somehow be helpful. Imagine yourself as the person being prayed for, and keep all requests confidential. Do not forward prayer requests to anyone.
  5. Do not reply to prayer requests as your reply cannot be forwarded.

“With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints.” Ephesians 6:18