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Women ministering to women….face to face….

Offering opportunities to grow in our faith and connect relationally as sisters-in-Christ, Women’s Ministry at SCC embraces women of all ages and every stage of faith development to participate in our on-going programs.  It is our intention through the events and studies we choose to provide the training and encouragement each woman needs to embrace God’s calling on her life.  Our “whole church” vision is “That every person would come into a life-transforming relationship with the person of Jesus Christ.”  Our women’s ministry is designed to focus on “spiritual formation” individually and corporately.  Our goal is to provide an environment of encouragement, relationship building, and interaction that is a “safe place” for women.  Each woman can be transparent and vulnerable with her peers as she explores areas of strength and weakness in her desire to grow.  Spiritual growth and personal development are the primary focus.