Give & Teach

is committed to making a difference in the lives of children across the world by helping provide learning environments and educational strategies that will help children with various learning styles as well as meeting the spiritual and physical needs of those in need. In many countries, rote memory is the only teaching method used. Divergent learners and students with other learning styles have a difficult time learning in this way. As a result, they are thought to be ignorant and uneducable. These children often end up in children labor situations, prostitution, drugs, etc. Give & Teach has a goal to rescue these children by empowering and equipping their teachers with various teaching strategies that will help the kinesthetic, visual and auditory learners.

Ben and Angela Blycker

Ben and Angela Blycker share a passion for “re-construction” both physically and spiritually. Ben, raised in Guatemala and Mexico and educated in both theology and music (Moody Bible Institute—MBI), is a licensed cabinetmaker/carpenter, responsible for maintenance and construction at NMSI’s headquarters, the Center for Global Outreach. He is passionate about serving with his hands, encouragement and one-on-one discipleship. Angela is an author and an advocate for the issues of women globally, educated in biblical studies and international missions (also from MBI). Through writing and speaking, with an emphasis on spiritual formation and women’s issues, Angela is serving, influencing and empowering women globally to fulfill their God-given value and potential. The Blyckers are honored to serve global missionaries and strengthen their ministries in service to Jesus. They, as well as their Kingdom-minded children (Larsen 8/00, Anders 12/05, and Kiersta, 8/09) meet short-term needs that arise internationally in the areas of construction, encouragement, speaking/teaching and further training.

Neil Lessman

Leading Edge

Working in Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan, the Lessmans strive to develop disciples and leaders through church planting and developing businesses that act as “islands of integrity,” impacting their society for Christ. In Belarus, Neil is developing the Spasenie Church through music, discipleship and business development.  Spasenie ministries have started new works in Siberia and Azerbaijan. Currently, he also is active in the Moscow region, Irkusk and Siberia. Through consultation and small business loans Integra helps believers create businesses, building leadership to enhance home, community and Church.

Scott Martell

Scott recently joined New Missions Systems International. ( They will serve as his sending and support agency while he is serving in Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia, Scott will be working with Emmanuel Church to build Tesfa Mender/Hope Village for children orphaned by HIV/Aids. There are street children all over the dark town of Butajira (the main town 10 kilometers from Yetebon, the mountain village where Scott worked with Project Mercy for 4 years). God has called Scott to gather these children for shelter, food, medicine, education and mentoring. They plan to hire house parents and “Young Life” type leaders to assist with the project. Emmanuel Church will oversee the project. This is a growing Protestant denomination that originated with members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (similar to what took place in Europe with Luther and Calvin).

In addition, Scott will continue his education through distance learning in order to obtain a Masters and Ph.D. in Biblical Counseling so he can better follow God’s will. Initially his education will support efforts to provide counseling and nurturing for the orphans but ultimately these enhanced skills will be utilized to help strengthen missionaries and the Ethiopia Protestant churches through counseling, training and discipling programs.

Justin and Abbey Valiquette

Justin and Abbey have been serving in fulltime ministry since 2004. This year, they have launched the beginning of a church plant in Salerno, Italy called Salerno City Church. This year is an exciting year as they begin to network, build relationships, and continue to connect with the University of Salerno (which enrolls nearly 40,000 students). Their hope is that by birthing a much needed evangelical church body they will help reach the country for Christ.

The Hunts

Adam and Beth Hunt are SCC Members that serve in Yangoon, Mayanmar. Working with local organizations, the Hunts are helping to establish Christian business models to strengthen the economy and the Body of Christ in Myanmar.

Crossover Communications: Mike S.

The S. family have returned to their homeland to work with the church in Jordan to build strong and mature leadership who will develop churches that will multiply. Mike will be using his degree in substance abuse counseling (the first in Jordan) to bridge with government and school organizations as a community outreach and also to develop a mentoring ministry for pastors and their spouses. He will be serving as a professor in the Christian Alliance Institute of Theology in Lebanon, Sudan, and Iraq.

HCJB Global/MINTS: Larry Buckman
Larry and Fay have followed God’s call to return to southern Brazil (Larry’s childhood home) to work with the Terena Indians. The tribe wants to open the door even wider at the Lourenco Buckman Evangelical School this year, building new dorms and a dinning hall.  They teach at a yearly youth conference for about 150 leaders coming from 29 tribal churches. They are constantly looking at new paradigms as the tribal leaders introduce new methods of modular theological training.

Jesus Film

Every four seconds, somewhere in the world, another person indicates a decision to follow Christ after watching the Jesus Film. Every four seconds… that’s 21,600 people per day, 648,000 per month and more than 7.8 million per year! That is comparable to the entire population of the city of Seattle, WA, coming to Christ every 27.5 days.


Moldova for Christ

For over 7 years SCC has been involved with the ministry of Moldova for Christ. Led by Pastor Alex Sanduleac we have partnered with an English camp that teaches the word of God through inductive Bible study. While there is a main emphasis on deep discipleship, this ministry has seen much fruit for the Kingdom including many coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.