Blycker – Ben, Angela, Larson, Anders, Kiersta and Jorgen, serving in Mexico under Ripe for Harvest utilizing and training nationals for technology in missions. Ben serves at an audio bible recording studio, working to record and place the translated audio Scriptures into the hands of non-literate people groups in their heart language throughout Oaxaca, so that all may hear. He also serves in the areas of carpentry, maintenance and the oversight of special projects at Casa Compasiva, a birthing center offering safe and compassionate care to expectant women and their families. Angela serves at Casa in the area of prayer ministry, as well as continues to use her gifts in art, teaching, and writing to expand, deepen and strengthen the Kingdom of God.
Buckman – Larry, serving in Latin America under Pastoral Support Services for discipleship and audio/visual training to indigenous leaders.
Doeseyev – Kairat, serving under Leadership Resources International as a key leader in their Training National Trainers program.
Flory – Renée, serving in Ukraine under Ripe for Harvest doing trauma healing to the war-torn areas throughout the country.
Hunt – Adam, Beth, Archer and Greyson serving in Myanmar under New Mission Systems teaching business principles through Opportunities Now.
Lessman – Neil and Jane, serving in Russia under Leading Edge doing pastoral training, discipleship and leadership. Also working with the Church and band Spasenie.
Manninen – Nikki and Amy, serving in Finland under YWAM ministering to the transient populations in youth hostels.
Martell – Scott and Gigi, serving in Vietnam under New Mission Systems doing community and orphanage development.
Owen – Todd, Angela, Hannah and Josie, serving in Papua New Guinea under Pioneer Bible Translators translating the Gospels in the local indigenous language of Somau Garia.
Shahatit – Munther, serving in Jordan under Crossover Communications, counseling and teaching in a local college and ministering to the growing number of refugees.
Valiquette – Justin, Abby, Bryce, Addison, Cayden & Isabella, serving under Launch Global Inc. Church planting in Salerno, Italy.
Wright – Lawson and Brianna, serving in China under Missions Mobilization doing evangelism and discipleship throughout the country.

Mission Organizations

Envision Atlanta, serving refugees in Jesus’ name in Clarkston, GA.
Feed the 5000 Now, hunger initiative that calls for personal participation through giving $1 per day for the hungry in Fort Myers.
Fort Myers Rescue Mission, meeting the needs of homeless men in downtown Fort Myers.
Gabriel House, Fort Myers residential home for severely handicapped children and young adults from around the world.
Give and Teach, child sponsorship to misplaced and neglected children in Guatemala City, Guatemala to be able to attend school and learn about Jesus.
Greenfield Orphanage, serving the displaced and neglected children on the island of Roatan, Honduras.
Inca Link Peru & Honduras serving children brought out of the garbage dump lifestyle in Peru and day care in Honduras in both physical needs and discipleship into a relationship with Jesus.Jesus Film, George Waters, spreading the story of Christ in indigenous languages all over the globe.
Kids for Christ, support for evangelical after-school program at the Sanibel school.

Leadership Resources International, teaching indigenous pastors and leaders how to accurately study and preach the Word in restricted nations.
Lifeline Family Center, maternity home with educational and job training, professional counseling, parenting classes, and spiritual direction in Cape Coral.
Middle Ground, fighting against child malnutrition to create lasting solutions to those affected by poverty through the power of Christ.
Moldova for Christ, an annual English camp for presenting the Gospel and the discipleship of young believers in Cupcini, Moldova.
Nations Association, offering educational programs for at-risk teens in downtown Fort Myers.
One More Child Anti-Trafficking, fighting the sex trade industry through safe homes and rescue of children ages 12-18.
One More Child Foster and Adoption, Florida adoption and foster care program driven by the Gospel.

Path2Freedom – changing the lives of those children rescued from sex trafficking by providing a safe home in Ft Myers to provide the unique care they need through the hands of Christ.
Renew World Outreach, creating technology that is used globally for the spread of the Gospel.
Rick Bonfim Ministries, soup kitchen and local evangelism to the slums outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Cuba.

RMI Haiti – Church planting and in Haiti.
Teen Challenge, Fort Myers chapter of a Gospel-centered residential ministry fighting drug and alcohol abuse.

Urban Hope, Evangelism in the New York Suburbs
Venture, food security and sex trafficking prevention throughout east Asia partnering with Feed My Starving Children.
Verity Pregnancy and Resource Center, focused on presenting the Gospel to parents of unplanned pregnancy in Fort Myers.

Mission Associates

FISH, meeting a variety of social needs on Sanibel Island.
Missionary Enterprise, development of a school in St. Marc, Haiti.
SWFL Food Pantry, local food pantry for serving food to the hungry.
Trailways, a 4-day camp, helping adults with disabilities, and respite for their caregivers by reducing the social isolation, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual development.