hos1Hospitality and Fellowship team up to make SCC a welcoming place every Sunday and at many special events. While Fellowship provides the “goodies,”  Hospitality provides important information and resources to help folks feel “at home” at SCC.

Every Sunday morning those who come to worship are treated to light refreshments that encourage them to linger in the courtyard for special opportunities to connect with one another. This special Ministry is provided by our Fellowship Team. They also prepare meals for many of our programs and celebrations. Another part of this Ministry involves preparation and serving of Memorial Service refreshments or meals for Memorial Services held at Sanibel Community Church.

hos2Connection Center:  Our information hub.

Visitor Gift Bag:  Letter from our Pastor, Carpenter’s Bookstore gift certificate, Jesus Film DVD, Case for Christ answer booklet, Got Questions booklet, and Sanibel shells for each first time visitor to SCC.

Need information?  They’ve got it at the Connection Center.