Our desire is to provide a safe, secure and loving environment where kids feel welcome and parents feel comfortable leaving their kids. We encourage kids to begin and to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus, to acquire a rich understanding of God’s Word and its application to their daily lives, and to develop a lifestyle of worship, obedience and continual reliance on Jesus. We also want to provide fun opportunities for the children to serve God at whatever age they are, to develop friendships and to reach out to their friends and neighbors. We consider it a privilege to be in partnership with parents in the spiritual growth of their children.

9:00 a.m. we offer Children’s Church for preschoolers and kids kindergarten-3rd grade.

10:45 a.m. we offer a full Sunday School program for kids thru 5th grade.


Preschoolers:  Room 110

Kindergarden-1st grade:  Room 112-114

2nd – 3rd grade:  Room 101

4th – 5th grade:  Room 103

Additionally, we encourage “Parenting in the Pew.”

At the 9:00 a.m. service the children preschoolers and up remain with their parents during praise and worship portion of the service.  They are released before the sermon. What is Parenting in the Pew? It is guiding your child into the joy of worship. What is worship? Webster defines it as:

  • to idolize: love unquestioningly
  • show devotion to a deity
  • a feeling of profound love and admiration

We “worship” God with our lives.  On Sunday we “worship” by singing, greeting others, praying, and bringing our offering and we listen to what God wants Pastor Daryl to tell us.  When we listen to the sermon we are offering “worship” to God.   We are “adoring” His Word and showing our love by listening.  What we do with what we hear is also “worship”.  Because we love and admire God we want to do what He says. Why Parent in the Pew? Because God wants us to.  He was smart when He gave parents the primary responsibility to train up their children and designed the Church to come along side of parents.   As parents our most effective teaching is modeling what we want our children to learn.  As they watch you adore and “worship” your King they will learn. How do I start Parenting in the Pew? You start before you arrive at Church on Sunday.  On Saturday start preparing your child. Talk about all the parts of the service and how much God loves all of it and why.  Be prepared, so that Sunday morning is a time of excitement and anticipation not a time of “scrambling”.  Go to His house with joy.  Let your child know this is an exciting privilege to be with you during the service and that you are excited about it.  It is fun to share exciting experiences!  So don’t worry! Hit the drinking fountain and bathroom before the service and settle in!   The goal is not to “keep them quiet,” the goal is to engage them in worship.

Volunteer opportunities available for Teachers and Assistants during each service.