GenOn Ministries is S.C.C.’s Wednesday’s Night Family Ministry Program.


*Developing Disciples + Energizing Churches*

We meet every Wednesday from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

(Please verify with calendar)

The program is for ages Pre-3 through Fifth Grade. There is a nursery available for program volunteers. LOGOS is built on the foundation of relationships. We believe that is through relationships that we can best share the gift of Jesus Christ.

Program Schedule:

Children requiring a ride are picked up from the Sanibel School after school program or the Rec center weekly. You must sign up at both Sanibel Church and the place where your child will be picked up from. Registration forms are available in Kathy Cramer’s office.

· Recreation time – We believe in non-competitive, fun, active games. Craft projects are also available each week.

· Bible Time – The children attend classes by grade and dig deep into the Bible lesson of the day.

· Worship Time – The children are taught to worship God with their hearts, voices, arms and legs!  During Worship Skills time, the children practice and learn to lead in Sunday morning worship by singing, using motions, and playing Orph instruments.

· Family Time – Each week the menu, table talk, and table games are centered around a fun theme. The children sit by “family groups” with adult table parents and enjoy a delicious sit-down family style dinner. Conversation is lively and after dinner a fun game is played by all. Have you ever done spoon hanging, cup stomping or duct tape hanging?

· Closing – We close each evening in a short worship and praise time right in the Fellowship Hall. The children remain at their table until their own parent comes to pick them up.

Volunteer opportunities: Kitchen help on Wednesday evening, fill-in Assistants to “travel” with the kids to all of their activities and show them the love of Jesus.  Also,  Rec. assistant, and craft assistant.

For any additional information or to register, call Kathy Cramer, Director of Children and Family Life at 239-472-2684.