At the core of Sanibel Community Church is the desire to partner with individual organizations that share our vision of life-transforming through Jesus Christ. A vibrant part of who we are as a Church is to come alongside our Missions Partners who are carrying out that vision both locally and globally by providing relational, prayer and financial support. Missions partners fall into three categories and must meet certain criteria.

Three Categories of Mission Partners

  1. Missionaries- those called from SCC to serve full-time in cross-cultural missions
  2. Mission Organizations – ministries that meet all of the requirements below for “partner” status
  3. Associates – organizations that don’t meet all of the following requirements but have a connection with SCC and/or community (i.e. community service organizations that aren’t Ministry driven)

All SCC Mission Partners Will:

  • focus on Discipleship, Evangelism or a Ministry to the Least of These
  • be Gospel Centered and align with the SCC Vision Statement and respect (not in opposition with) the SCC Distinctives Statement
  • have an Ambassador that maintains the relational aspect of the partnership
  • demonstrate efficient use of administrative costs
  • be under an SCC approved sending agency (for global missionaries)