The Missions Committee, in consultation with the Missions Team, will develop the proposed Missions Budget. The proposed budget is then presented to the SCC Budget and Finance Committee, then to the SCC Council. The Congregation votes on the recommended budget at the SCC Annual Meeting. The funding of the Missions Ministries comes form three sources.

  1. Funds specifically marked to a Missions Partner (100% of these funds will go to that ministry)
  2. Funds specifically marked to the Missions Ministry
  3. A portion from the SCC general budget

Commitment Levels

Our first priority is to the missionaries. The second priority is to the Mission Organizations. The third priority is to the Associates. If funds fall short of the projected budgeted income this  prioritization will be considered.

Monthly Mission Highlights (MMHs)

Each month we highlight a particular  Mission Partner. A video is created to “tell the story” of a ministry and serve as a way to fund-raise and expose the ministry to the larger Congregation. The Missions Committee will determine the appropriate rotation of the MMH schedule so that each Mission Partner is highlighted over the course of a few years.

Emergency Response

Currently, SCC Missions responds to a local or global emergency through one or more of the following organizations:

  • Samaritan’s Purse
  • Christian and Missionary Alliance
  • Salvation Army

Emergency response organizations will be reviewed annually by the Missions Committee.