The schedule of SCC Global Mission Trips and Local Work Projects must be determined by the Missions Team and publicized to the Congregation by September of the year preceding the proposed trip or project. The Missions Team should determine a rotation through our global and local Missions Partners so that a trip or work project is made to every partner (where applicable) every two to three years. Each trip or project must have an identified Team Leader (page 10) that will work with the Missions Pastor on planning the details of the trip. Each trip or project is completely open to the entire SCC congregation and guests.

Financial Support

The Missions Budget will include monies allocated to sending SCC members on Mission trips scheduled by the Missions Team. There may also be support available for individuals joining trips conducted by one of our Missions Partners. An application must be filled out by the recipient and approved by the Missions Committee. The Missions Budget will support up to one-half of the total cost of each trip. This financial assistance is available for each member for one trip per year. This is not available for a trip to the same location more than once unless the individual becomes a Team Leader. The Missions Budget will also include monies allocated for a specific project for each Mission Trip and/or Work Project.