The Missions Ministry is a strong part of the DNA at Sanibel Community Church. As an extension of the Church’s Ministry, Missions is driven by our vision to see every person come into a life-transforming relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. The Missions Ministry has both a global and local outreach through prayer, relationships and financial support. It is comprised of the Missions Pastor, the Missions Team and the Missions Committee.

Missions Pastor

The Pastor that oversees the overall direction of the ministry. This role acts as a liaison between the ministry, the Mission Partners, SCC Staff and SCC Council.

Missions Team

A volunteer-based team that is the “hands  and feet” of the ministry. This team plans Missions events, are Ambassadors to the Missions Partners, and makes recommendations to the Missions Committee regarding partnerships.

Each Missions Team member must:

  • have a sense of calling to the ministry (a commitment of attending at least 80% of the monthly meetings)
  • help plan and execute the events of the ministry (Annual Missions Conference, community events, Mission Partner updates, etc.)
  • accept the role of Ambassador for up to three Missions Partners
  • help facilitate Missions trips, work projects and visits to existing partners

The Ambassador role is to:

  • communicate with their Missions Partners once a month (phone/Skype preferred)
  • give reports at monthly meetings regarding the Ministries to which they are Ambassadors
  • work with Mission Partner for any furlough needs (two week maximum of housing and vehicle assistance, funding available through the Missions Ministry budget)

Missions Committee

This group oversees, develops and monitors guidelines for the Ministry as well as develop and oversees the annual Missions Budget. The Committee shall be made up of four members, serving a four year term on a rotation basis, nominated by the nominating committee and elected by the Congregation at its annual meeting. The Missions Pastor will chair the Committee. The Senior Pastor, Chair (or Co-Chair) of Council and Treasurer shall serve as ex-officio members of the Missions Committee. SCC Missions Partners, fund recipients and/or their family members are prohibited from serving on the Missions Committee.